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2000 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival Photos:

The Music

Click here to see some of the people who hung at the fest

Click on the Thumbnail for a larger photo

iris-b.JPG (32820 bytes)        iris.JPG (26963 bytes)         iris-a.JPG (41283 bytes)        

Iris May Tango @ Congo Square

eddiebo-b.JPG (42379 bytes)        eddiebo.JPG (42952 bytes)    eddiebo-a.JPG (38952 bytes)

Eddie Bo @ House of Blues

tanably.JPG (36605 bytes)     tanably-a.JPG (32153 bytes)

Tanably de Coite d'Ivoire @ Congo Square

   zigaboo.JPG (20013 bytes)          jean.JPG (25847 bytes)             chico.JPG (27025 bytes)             smilin.JPG (17423 bytes)

Zigaboo @ Howlin' Wolf             Jean Knight @ Congo                  Chico Cesar @ Congo        Smilin Myron @Maple Leaf

astral-b.JPG (11951 bytes)         astral.JPG (25948 bytes)         astral-a.JPG (37893 bytes)

Astral Project @ Jazz Tent

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