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Mothers Day

If anybody supports the Hallmark conspiracy theory that lies behind Mother's Day, then here is an effective way to show your support for the movement. Buy your mother an album that contains "motherly" elements.

"Mama Don't Dance" :Loggins and Messina

This songs captures the generation gap that occurred during the growth of rock and roll. The song basically explains how the rock and roller's parents weren't hip to the rock and roll culture.

"Mother": Pink Floyd

This song appeared on Roger Water's rock masterpiece The Wall. The song

relates to a son's uncertainty of the future and how he yearns for the traditional security of his mother. Roger Waters equates the strength of a mother's love to the strength a wall.

"Mother Earth": Tom Rush

This New Hampshire native recorded this song on the 1972 album Merrimack County. "Mother Earth" is a thank you note written to the planet for providing so many beautiful things. The song does show some hints of early environmental activism with the line "Though I treat her carelessly, Mother Earth provides for me".

"Mothership Connection": Funkadelic

One funky mother.

"Mama Tried": Merle Haggard

Written by Merle Haggard in 1968, the song describes the life of a career criminal and how his mother always tried to make him live a better lifestyle. The song was later covered by the Grateful Dead and recorded on their live album Steal Your Face.

"Motorcycle Mama": Neil Young

Perhaps one of Neil Young's earliest grunge efforts, this song was released on Young's Comes a Time. The song takes a non traditional view of mother, for this particular mom is escaping from jail and her primary tenet in life is "as long as I keep moving, I won't need a place to stay".

Honorable mentions: Genesis' "Mama"; Dylan's "That's all right Mama"; Paul Simon's "Mother and Child Reunion"; Merl Saunders' "Save Mother Earth" and the Rolling Stones' "Mother's Little Helper.

A piece of worthless trivia: Daryl Dragon A.K.A. The Captain fist met up with Toni Tenille when he played keyboard in the house band for Tenille's rock musical Mother Earth.