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Autumn Classics

For some reason, I always associated autumn with the Green Mountain State. There is something special about the combination of sugar maples and quaint villages that makes autumn in Vermont a special thing. According to these English rockers, it appears that autumn is more of a British thing.

Autumn 66: Spencer Davis Group

Long before Steve Winwood was jamming with Traffic and Blind Faith, he was bursting into the music scene with the Spencer Davis Group. Autumn 66 was the last album that he recorded with the Spencer Davis Group and it features Winwood's renditions of Percy Sledge's "When A Man Loves A Woman" and "Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out."

Autumn Song: Van Morrison

Found on Morrison's 1973 release Hard Nose The Highway, this ten minute song was one of the longest songs that Morrison ever wrote. The album did not reach the critical acclaim of Tupelo Honey or St. Domenic's Preview but still possessed some quality music.

Autumn Stone: The Small Faces

The Small Faces put out some quality singles during the late 1960s. This 1969 release was their last recording that consisted of singles and live performances. Although The Small Faces had a short career, their members continued their passion of music in bands such as Humble Pie, Rod Stewart's band and The Jeff Beck Group.